The Anarchist Bible Bet

Our Online Home Bible Study Course is going to persuade you to become an anarchist and join our movement to repeal the U.S. Constitution and abolish the government of the United States. If we fail, we will pay you $1,000.00.

That's One THOUSAND Dollars.
Added to your PayPal account
or cashier's cheque mailed to
your home, accountant, or attorney.

If you've already read the first 7 requirements, click here.

Partial List of Requirements

  1. You have to read the Bible from cover to cover, in chronological order, following our reading assignments.

  2. This is a one-year program. You can take longer, but you can't take less than one year to read the entire Bible and complete other program requirements.

  3. This is a 365-day program. You can take more days, but you cannot complete more than 1/365th of the program in any 24-hour period.

  4. You have to answer one or two easy, obvious, no-brainer, no-trick questions on each of these 365 days. "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?"

  5. You must blog your answers to our questions. We will set up the blog for you. The blog will time-stamp your answers and will be a public record of your compliance with the terms of this wager. We will "monetize" the blog with advertisements of our choice which will bring us a minimum of $1,000 in revenue per year, enabling us to pay off the bet in the extraordinarily unlikely and improbable event that we lose this bet. You will get paid $1,000; we will retain all revenue generated above $1,000. All advertisements will be family-friendly; no gambling.

  6. You are not required to provide any proof whatsoever that you can pay up when you lose this bet. (And you will lose.) You will not be required to give us your credit card number. You will not be required to send us a registered letter from your attorney or accountant certifying that $1,000 has been placed in escrow in the event you lose this bet. (And you will lose.) Since we're anarchists and don't believe in "the government," we're not going to go crying to "the government" when you lose this bet but won't pay up. (And you will lose.) 

  7. If we lose the bet and don't pay, you may sue us in one of the government's courts, put a lien on our bank account, and send an armed Marshall out to shoot our dog, taser us, throw a flash grenade in our child's playpen, put us in handcuffs, waterboard us, lock us in a cage to be sodomized by a psychopath, and nuke our whole neighborhood "back to the stone age," but we won't sue you and ask the government to hurt you when you lose and don't pay. That's because we're anarchists, and you're not.

  8. Yet.

Anarchist Bible

Did you already read how the United States is the most evil and dangerous entity on the planet? You might want to click here for the straight scoop on our home page.

Did you read about how far you fall from the standards of America's public schools 300 years ago? Click here before going on.

Did you read all the benefits of paying us $1,000.00 to transform you into a Bible-believing Christian anarchist? Click here before going on.

Did you read about the non-profit organization that sponsors this "wager?" Click here to find out why we're not like all the "anarchists" your public school teachers warned you about.

Did you read about our Christian Worldview Makeover Curriculum? Click here to see what you'll study when you enroll in our Colonial American One-Room Schoolhouse 2.0

Did you read about the advantages of having a personal coach to encourage you to become extraordinary and hold you accountable?

Ready to Enroll

Details, Details

This website doesn't exist to pass out thousand-dollar bills to every Tom, Dick, and Harriet that comes along saying, "Yeah, I read the Bible, but I didn't become an anarchist, and I want my thousand bucks." You will have to go through hoops to get there, and we're betting that our hoops will persuade you to pay us to join our cause.

At the very least, our hoops will transform you to some degree, and that's what our donors want.

We offer a one-year "Life Coaching" Program. We want to sell you on that program. This "Bible Bet" is a marketing gimmick. In effect, we're offering a double-your-money-back guarantee on the program.

This Program Solves the Most Pressing Problem in Your Life.

In order to get started, we want to screen out trouble-makers and riff-raff, so there's a lengthy application process. The application process is free. No obligation.

  • Five Days
    We want to prove to you that because you're a victim of educational malpractice, you're going to lose this wager. We believe that if America's Founders could travel through time, there are Five Things they would tell you, and Five Books they would firmly suggest you read to deal with your deficiencies. The first step of your application process is a 15-minute (max) overview of each these Five Things, and a 15-minute (max) review of each of Five of the most important works in the history of Western Civilization, over the course of five consecutive days. (That's right, you have to read more than just the Bible; you have to read four other works. Poor baby. Don't worry; we're going to read the books out loud to you so you can listen to them on the way to work. Just download the MP3s.)

  • Seven Days
    We want to promote the Vine & Fig Tree vision, so applicants will be enrolled in a 7-day mini-course on the Vine & Fig Tree vision. This course is free, but is a pre-requisite for the one-year program. Our home-page has a one-hour summary of this seven-day course. If you wish, try that first, and see if you can stomach a full week, 30 minutes a day of this overview of Biblical concepts. After these 12 days, you should have a pretty good idea of where we're coming from, and where we want to take you.

  • 95 Days
    We want to sell our home-study program, which retails for $997 for the one-year coaching/study program. This one-year program is summarized and pitched in a 95-day Orientation program. This 95-day program is free, but is a pre-requisite for the one-year course. If you can't make it through this 95-day Orientation, you probably wouldn't be able to make it through the 365-day Anarchist Bible Bet Program, so this "Orientation" will save us both some headaches. The details of this 95-day program -- as well as the "Five Things" America's Founders would tell you if they were here -- are spelled out on another of our websites, "George Washington Coaching." All the answers to the questions we'll ask you during this 95 day orientation are on that site. There's nothing tricky here. Why 95 days? Answer.

  • 365 Days
    When you complete these three introductory courses, you're qualified to enroll in our 365-day Anarchist Bible Bet Program. We limit class size, because this is potentially an administrative nightmare. If you would like to skip the rest of our sales pitch and secure your spot right now, just put your name and email in the box below. You will be enrolled in the 5-, 7-, and 95-day Programs, and if you complete those assignments, you'll be enrolled in our 365-day Anarchist Bible Bet Program. You'll receive an email each day with instructions. Follow the brain-dead easy instructions, or click the "unsubscribe" button at the bottom of each day's email and you'll never hear from us again. (Only from your conscience.)

Our next semester begins on July 6, 2015*.
That's right, have a happy 4th of July.
Watch the parade and wave the "Stars and Stripes."
Delude yourself into believing that this is still "the land of the free and the home of the brave."
Light your fireworks and celebrate our "Independence."

Then get ready for a full assault of reality on July 6.

If you are willing to admit that you will not be able to resist Biblical reasoning, and are willing to go through an iron-sharpening-iron program and come out on the other side as a Bible believing Christian anarchist, then fill in the form below. We're looking for 2000 people who will admit defeat and pledge to support us to the tune of one dollar per month to help us administer this program.

If you still think you can complete the assignments in our curriculum and not be converted into a Bible-believing anarchist, and you want to enter into a wager in the vain hopes of winning $1,000.00 from us, then just fill in the form below and tell us you're ready to wager. We're going to talk on the phone and discuss the details.

Register here:

You will be notified when we are ready to wager. We need a minimum number of paid enrollees or donors to offset our administrative expenses. Nobody associated with this offer receives a salary or bonuses. We will notify you when we meet our minimums. In the meantime, why not register for our program along with everyone else?

This webpage ultimately links to over 2,000 webpages and blog posts created by Vine & Fig Tree, plus 1.6 zillion other webpages around the Internet. Go ahead and start digging. If you want a more systematic approach, dished out in bite-sized chunks every day, you should enroll in our program. And if you want personal accountability and coaching, those who donate are invited to attend our coaching webinars.

If you still believe the United States is a shining "City upon a hill," click one of the options below. You are a victim of educational malpractice.

That's why you're going to lose this bet.

Why you will be delighted to fork over a thousand bucks after you lose this wager.

Who's behind this "Anarchist Bible Bet?" Why should I trust you?

If you're confused, click here for more details. Or arrange a time when we can talk on the phone.

* or whenever we receive enough subscriptions to fund our platform. 

July 5, 2015

Thank you for your interest in enrolling in the "Anarchist Bible Bet" Home Study Program.

When you enroll, you will be sent a 5-day Introduction to our Coaching Program. That Program is also marketed under the name "George Washington Coaching," "Samuel Adams Coaching," "Tea Party Coaching," and other names.

Then you will be sent a 7-day Introduction to the Vine & Fig Tree prophecy in Micah 4.

Then you will be sent a 95-day survey of the Bible and the Vine & Fig Tree Worldview.

When you complete these requirements, you qualify for the 365-day "Anarchist Bible Bet" Home Study Program.

Our autoresponder technology is not yet set up. Our apologies.

If you would like to access the introductory material from previous semesters, you can do that. The freshest, most up-to-date content will be delivered when our platform is working smoothly.

Here is the 5-day sequence from Samuel Adams and George Washington Coaching: "Five Things America's Founding Fathers Would Tell You If They Could Travel Through Time." Here's Thing 1.

The 7 audios from the Vine & Fig Tree prophecy in Micah 4 are available on our home page.

We hope to have our emailing technology working before you finish listening to those messages.